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From the Press:

*"Although the musicians may “relax” with their audience, which they view as their guests and friends, their playing is in no way relaxed or scaled back; it is serious, world-class professional...It is the combination of all of these elements, the fine music, the unique attractive and charming venue with good acoustics in its lovely setting, the musicians (hosts, hostesses, and visiting), the warm welcome and ambiance, and the personalized touches that make this festival at the same time different from so many others and so very special, and have kept people coming back regularly (sometimes persistently!) for so many years. If you find yourself in Western Mass on a summer Sunday afternoon and want a rewarding and satisfying experience, head to So. Worthington to hear a Sevenars concert."
From the feature article " The Sevenars Concerts: Forty Years of Love and Devotion" in Classical Voice of New England, 2008
(For complete article, see

* "Generations of audiences have thrilled at the many recitals of this highly spirited group -- be it a full family affair or a solo performance when one of them takes the stage alone"
New York Concert Review, Vol 9, #2

* "The music may be high-powered, but on concert day the ambiance is still down-home and family."
The Boston Globe (feature)

* "The ambiance at Sevenars is as important as the music. The lovely New England setting and the warm presence of a closely-knit and musically-dedicated family bring us back to values in danger of neglect"
Daily Hampshire Gazette

* "The Schrade family, three generations of it, is filled with sound musicians"
The New York Times

* "a priceless gift to offer the world"
Springfield Union-News

* "Where the spirits are lively and the concerts even more so!"
Time Magazine (with listing of Sevenars as "one of the best small music festivals in the U.S.A.")

* "More than a concert--there is something profound at work. The Schrades' combination of musical and familial ties is strong medicine for a needful world"
Springfield Union-News
"I was frankly overwhelmed by the beauty of the Sevenars sounds in this wooden auditorium..." (2013)



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