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To Donate to Sevenars

Contributions to Sevenars are gratefully accepted and are tax-deductible under IRS Code 509(A)(1), Section 501(c)3.

Donors of gifts of $100 or more (after Paypal surcharges) will be listed in the season's printed brochure.  


Donations may be made several ways:

1) by checks payable to Sevenars Concerts, Inc., mailed to:

Sevenars Concerts, Inc.

80 East Avenue, Apt. 3G,

New York, NY 10028



2) through Paypal. As of August 2, 2021, Sevenars will receive the amount of your donation minus Paypal's 1.99% charge and a .49 fee for each online transaction.

See yellow "Donate" button below. 


 3) Gifts of in-kind services are welcomed! You can ask by writing Sevenars@aol.com or calling 413-238-5854, or simply mentioning it to us at a concert!
We are grateful for help in many areas!